Happy and Jeanne Caldwell

Pastor Happy Caldwell writes from a generous supply of wisdom and years of experience, filling his books with answers from above. Pastor Caldwell has the ability to investigate a truth from every angle and explain the principles of God's Word with simplicity. His teachings will provide you with soundness and stability.

Jeanne Caldwell’s ministry transcends nationality, race, culture, and generation. The life-changing anointing that flows through Jeanne’s personal ministry is also appreciated by everyone who hears her anointed CDs or watches her weekly television program, “In His Presence.” In addition to her music and teaching ministry, Jeanne is the author of “Learning to Trust God’s Faithfulness”, a compelling and effectual account of her life of faith, including her dramatic testimony of God’s healing after a car accident left her with a broken back.

Happy and Jeanne Caldwell continue to travel delivering the message of Jesus Christ in churches, conferences, and on VTN.