In Christ Volume 2

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The person who has received Jesus as Lord has been changed from the inside out. The Bible says we are born again as a new creature. This new life in Christ comes with a covenant, complete with benefits, rights, and provisions. God’s covenant with the believer provides healing for our bodies and God’s blessing over our finances. But that’s not all. The Lord has made us heirs of God and joint heirs with Jesus Christ. 

In this 12-part series, In Christ, Volume 2, you will learn about:

  • the stripes of Jesus and how they provide healing to our bodies, 
  • How God’s provided health as a covenant right
  • The Blessing and how it operates
  • Your place in the family of God as an heir with a full inheritance
  • The inheritance of God 
  • And much more!

Whether you are a newly saved believer or someone who has walked with the Lord for many years, this teaching will help you recognize things that belong to you IN CHRIST. This inspirational 12-part series is available in digital or physical formats starting at just $20.