Intervention Prayers

Intervention Prayers

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When those you love are on the wrong path, you may feel hopeless and defeated. Whether they struggle with addictions and destructive life- styles or they’re blinded by deception, you need to know how to connect God’s power to their situation and stand in faith for their deliverance.

In Intervention Prayers, Michelle Steele, pastor, author, and host of Faith Builders television program, unpacks detailed biblical strategies to exe- cute in prayer for your loved ones’ freedom and restoration. Redeemed from a life of drugs and crime, Michelle knows firsthand the bondage of the enemy and the supernatural tools needed to set someone free. Michelle shares proven principles to work with the Holy Spirit, including how to:

  • Partner with God’s intervention plan
  • Understand the foundation and focus of your prayers
  • Receive power and strength through praise
  • Maintain faith until you see the answer

Regardless of what you see playing out in the lives of your loved ones— even if reports tell you things are getting worse—you can stay strong in faith. Purpose to pray and bring God’s help on the scene for those you love!