Teach Me and Lead Me

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God desires that every believer would walk in His wisdom and follow the paths He has prepared for them. He offers to teach us His wisdom and lead us by His Spirit. Our part is to be willing to learn God’s ways and follow His Spirit.

 This series, Teach Me and Lead Me, is exactly what you need to help you identify and cooperate with the Spirit of God.

In this series, Michelle Steele explains:

  • The value we need to place on God’s wisdom
  • How God leads through instructions 
  • how to know the voice of God’s Spirit 
  • the way that God prefers to communicate with us
  • and much more. 

This insightful 8 part series is available in digital or physical formats, starting at just $20. In addition, we are offering Michelle’s companion book, Finding God’s Answers: How to Recognize Revelation and Respond Correctly.

In this book, Michelle teaches that every believer is equipped with the ability to hear from God. The word revelation means “to remove the cover.” As a person learns to live from their spirit, God will be able to reveal details about the decisions they need to make and the direction of their life.

If you desire to be spiritually accurate and live in line with God’s plan, this book is for you.  This essential book that teaches how to recognize revelation and respond correctly can be yours for just $14.99

Don’t miss this special offer. The 8-part series Teach Me -Lead Me and the Companion book, Finding God’s Answers, work together to help you gain skill in hearing from God.